Innovative Teaching at Marlborough Hills Competency Fair

Innovative Teaching at Marlborough Hills Competency Fair


Margaret “Mitzi” Flanagan LPN, SDC has worked for Marlborough Hills for almost a decade. Originally starting in 2007, Mitzi worked for Marlborough Hills until 2015 when she had to move to another facility to help care for and be closer to her mom. After the passing of her mom in March of 2018, Mitzi rejoined the family at Marlborough Hills.

Back in 2010, Mitzi started staff development at the facility. Her innovative mindset and excitement to teach, helped her to become a permanent SDC (Staff Development Coordinator) at the facility. Now, she is responsible for teaching the staff and helping them to develop the skills they need to care for their residents.

The Competency Fair is one way Mitzi is able to help her staff develop their much needed skills. A couple times a year, the facility holds these Competency Fairs to enhance the skills of the staff; certain skills are demonstrated by the staff as a hands-on learning experience. The fairs are week long events that are for the sole purpose of enhancing the skills of every CNA at the facility. Competency Fairs are extremely important for the staff because their patients are their number one priority, and the development of certain skill sets allow them to deliver the best quality of care possible.

 A demonstration table Mitzi uses to teach her employees new skills

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